Google has appointed an update on the big search algorithm update from August 1, which is nicknamed the medic update and this medic update has fully rolled out now. And here we will talk over Google’s medic update. And here we will discuss on that, how this update has impacted on you negatively or positively.  Google has said that this is a broad, global, core update which is derived from much of the analysis has done so far. Which may have been a focus on health and medical sites and YMYL (your money your life). Besides these, there were many sites which have impacted by this update. And there is a statement from Google is that you can not do anything to fix your site, so just concentrate on having a great experience and unique quality of content and more valuable websites.


Google has declared that this update was a “broad core algorithm update” and these updates do several times per year. Google mentions its consultation from the prior core updates and saying that there is nothing you can do to fix for pages that may behave less well and may perform less. You should just focus on building great content. So that it can be your content can rise relative to other pages. And Google also said that some site possibly may note drop or gain as with any updates. There’s nothing wrong with the pages that may perform less well even that changes to our system are proving the benefits those pages which were previously under-rewarded. This option can impact all google search conclusions, nothing will matter what language or region. So beyond any doubt, we know that the update has been fully rolled out.


As we discuss above that Google has declared this is a “global” update, which indicates that it can be impactful for every niche and every kind of site. But from the sources, it seems that multiple data companies and SEO consultants focus on medical and health niche and as well as YLYM (your money your life).

What is YLYM?

“Your money or your life” pages are those who mainly focused on money and life events.

  • Those pages which require personal information like your personal identification number, driving license number, bank account number that could be adopted to identify theft
  • Pages that used for monetary transactions, that facilitate to users that they can give their credit account and bank account information and users might give that information, for example, pages that grants you to buy something.
  • Pages that provide medical or health information can impact to your physical well being.
  • Pages that gives you advise some major life-related issues can impact your future enjoyment and happiness and finances, like pages that give legal or financial advice.

Data by Sistrix

Sistrix has shared some analytics and data and said the big changes can be seen for the YMYL site and there we normally only see a betterment or loss of hardly a few percentage points. As we can examine on the lists, e-commerce, educational as well as dubious automative websites got their share of movement. This update specifically focuses on something that Google will not conform to us and because of this update focus on on the health and medical space, so it has taken on the name the medic update.







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