Does Hostinger offer .icu extension to all users?

Hostinger .icu Domain Extension

The domain is the most working part of the website. Without a domain name, a website cannot be run. In the Hosting world if you do not have a domain then you cannot able to run a website successfully. In the market, you will find many domain extensions but in 2018 a new domain extension introduced in the market i.e. .icu. This extension is best for bloggers, cryptocurrency investors as well as designers. So let’s know about that Does Hostinger offer .icu extension to all users.

Yes In the Hostinger domain section you will find .icu extension for your domain. If you need it then you can easily buy it at a reasonable cost.

What is .icu?

This one is the new top-level generic domain extension for you. The .icu extension stands for “I see your”. Dot .icu is a domain extension operated by “ShortDot SA”. This one is the internet domain registry based in Luxembourg.

How much does it Cost to buy .icu from Hostinger?

Hostinger .icu prices

If you are going to buy this domain extension from Hostinger then you can buy this very easily. You can also apply Hostinger Domain Coupon Code to buy a domain name at a reasonable cost. This .icu extension cost $2 if you buy it from Hostinger. This one is very reasonable to buy. With the saving of maximum up to 14% on the purchases. ShortDot is very excited that Hostinger is offering this domain to its clients. This one is the best deal for a kind of blogger and for running a cryptocurrency site.

What you will get with Hostinger Domain Extension?

Hostinger Domain Services

If you are going to buy a domain name from Hostinger then you will be going to experience the services of Hostinger. So the services of Hostinger are:-

24/7 Support Services

If you are facing any kind of trouble while using a domain or buying a domain then you can contact them. You only need to send them mail or message and Hostinger 24/7 support team is going to help you.

Affordable Renewal cost

In the services of Hostinger, it becomes easier for you to renew a domain name. With the expenditure of a few dollars, you can easily own it.

Domain Privacy Protection

When you register a domain name then Hostinger will keep your all information safe & secure. Hostinger, as a trusted & ICANN accredited domain provider, provides exclusive Hostinger Domain Privacy Protection Service.

Hostinger Offer .icu Final Words

If you are going to use the services of Hostinger then your choice is too good Because the services of Hostinger are very good and reliable for all the users. From its domain section, you can easily buy a domain name. The .icu domain extension is valid for all the buyers so use the services of Hostinger and use the services of Hostinger. The domain name is affordable and the services of Hostinger is very good for all kind of buyers so use the services and registered or renew a domain with Hostinger.

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